Help 2,500 Ukrainian families

Published By: Philcoin Charitable Fund
Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Belarus
Published Apr 14, 2022
Over 3 million Ukrainian refugees are displaced. Families are torn apart. Children are orphaned. Mothers and fathers are desperately trying to survive. We’re calling on our community to put their philanthropic tokens, Philcoin, to use and help alleviate one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. Click “Donate” to help support the various charities we’re partnered with who are tirelessly working to rehome, clothe and feed Ukrainian refugees. Funds will be equally dispersed to each charity and you’ll have the opportunity to see the difference your funds have made, as we send images of the families and charities we’re supporting and host AMAs with each charity to better understand what they do, and how their donations are deployed.
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